We had our first phone call at 9:48 AM on New Year's Day . . . "we want to list our home!".  This will probably continue for the immediate future as a back log of potential sellers were waiting to get the holidays over with, before making the jump to sell.  To parallel this, a back log of buyers have been waiting to buy homes, but have been unable to find any product for sale prior to the end of the year.  Hopefully, these buyers will now be able to find what they want, as sellers finally list their places for sale.  But don't think we will now overflood with product . . . as most of the new listings will most likely sell as quick as they become available.  Prices?  Well they really increased over the last 1/4 of 2015, but most likely will now find their level (with the exception of key areas and product).  

Probably a much better market to buy and sell in, as the relativity should become stable. As opposed to waiting and realizing the playing field has changed to point that it isn't clear as to whether to sell, buy, or ?????

Call us for updates or advice . . . until we are taxed on advice, it's still free!!